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Unless it is somehow done in a business context, you should not exchange contact information. You don’t know the other person and you want to leave it that way.

Yes, you broke up for a good reason, and yes, you might get along well without each other. But sometimes it’s weird to see an ex again who you may have been with for a long time. Whether at a class reunion, via a website or by chance – when you meet an old love, there is not always resentment and anger, but often also intimacy and many old stories that you fondly remember.

There is even a technical name for the phenomenon of hooking up with an ex again: The nice thing about it is that both parties are usually more mature, had different relationships, and perhaps even know very well what went wrong in the past. If there is still a residual spark of feeling, then not only can it be good to get involved with an ex again, but it can also become the most important one, namely the last relationship in life.

Of course, for a man 25 years older, it’s great when a young student falls in love with him, I can even understand that. You have been together for 15 years, 3 children and apparently a happy marriage. Your husband is sorry and you talk a lot !! Before “nobody wanted to approach the other” Certainly all the bitter moral clubs answer after me! Please don’t let that influence you, every person can succumb to seduction and is therefore not a bad person.

Maybe he can even love you the way you want now. In any case, wish you the best of luck! You don’t think they just kissed in the car, do you? Yes, middle-aged men are like that. There must have been more, or she let him down. I think with 15 years of relationship you can let things get away with that. That could have happened to you too. But with your forgiveness, he shouldn’t buy a free ticket.

But he also regrets it, d. Certainly some things will change between you now, at least I think so. You would wish that you come to a higher level in the partnership, so to speak, in that you recognize how important the exchange and communication are. When things get mute in a relationship, one of the two often seeks an open ear and it can quickly become more than was actually intended.

If you do not have peace and quiet for a long time and you continue to feel hurt, which is understandable, a couple counseling might help. Make it clear to him that this has to remain a one-off slip.

We are all human and such a situation can arise in difficult times. However, I also don’t think that should really have been more. A person, whether man or woman, who has butterflies in his stomach and is coveted and who no longer or does not get it at home will certainly use the opportunity. If you still love him very much and still want him then it takes a lot of time, discussions and maybe even professional help so that no aftertaste is left behind.

I speak from experience! But what mustn’t happen is that you keep accusing him of that in every argument.

You will never be able to forget what you don’t have to, but forgiveness is possible. I wish you a lot of strength and patience towards yourself. Kind regards. Dear Fs, yes, I think after 15 years one can forgive that. Especially since you had problems in your marriage. If you had tension, then you probably wouldn’t have had sex either, I suspect.

From that point of view, I wouldn’t make it a problem now. If you can talk to each other again now, the whole story has actually improved your marriage too. He is sorry for his behavior – so he regrets it. Then there is no place for moral clubs.

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